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Mama's Memoir

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

A decade ago; Ten yester-years, Two lustrums, half of twenty I was a virgin; Pure and untouched like the tao.

A decade ago, Mama was alive And I, A rose of Sharon; The lily of the valleys. But I lost you, To the greatest conqueror of nature, Gone beyond the big ridge, beyond the veil.

I was a small girl with a king’s crown, Armored with a queen’s gown, With pure love that knew only daddy as the man of her life.

When Mama met her fate, I looked into daddy’s faded face; “Who will stay with us?” He held me on his laps “I will stay with you.” That moment shall never pass.

That decade ago, On the ninth moon, A false cloud nine September marked the onset of heartbreaks, As I spread the dust on your casket, Remember? As I placed a black rose On the heap that concealed you from our world, From daddy, two girls and, two boys?

Mama, A decade later, I am a lotus flower. At nineteen; No longer a caged bird, At twenty I earned a salary, Three months from now, I will tread on the journey, The voyage of a graduate, I will hold my first degree for thee.

A decade later, Mama I still curse the world In which you had to live And leave a heart that bleeds, Broken by your absence, And boys who tossed it like a toy. I with a broken smile on cracked lips.

Mama, I rose above my guilt - newly built. I am not a virgin, But still pure within. I make the rules, I hold diamonds where my thighs meet, Diamonds that will make or break me.

A decade later, I am not the youngest famous poet, I am the poetess who wrote an epistle poem, Letter to the dead, And placed it on your grave, Half of twenty, Two lustrums, Ten yester-years, A decade ago.

Ps: Originally written in 2014, 10 years after my mom's passing.

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