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Make Your Baby's Nursery Alluring Without Painting Walls

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I just had a baby and the best part about the pregnancy was the opportunity to decorate the nursery. My partner and I chose to wait until our baby's birth to find out the gender so the decor had to be neutral. For most people, repainting the walls is usually their first thought. However, when planning my interior decor for the nursery, I looked for various alternatives to making my baby's room magical without painting.

Tip #1 ~ Use Tapestries, Drapes, & Rugs

Colorful tapestry does not only utilize wall spaces but also stimulate the baby's vision, and as they grow their sense of touch. Rugs and carpets provide dual functionality. They are cozy to the feet, and add color to the floor. These different materials help the baby learn much about texture.

Here is the rug that I used to bring pomp and color to my baby's nursery:

Other fabrics used to decorate a nursery include colorful throw pillows and stuffed animals which should be placed away from the crib. An open wardrobe containing the baby’s favorite clothes can also be decorative if strategically positioned.

Tip #2 ~ Wallpapers and Decals

Wallpapers, decals, and artwork are the perfect alternatives to painting a nursery. Use removable wallpapers and decals as the newborn grows into a toddler and later into a grown young person, the parents might want to change these wallpapers.

Decals create the best focal point in a nursery since it captures the baby's eye and anyone who walks into the room. An oversized artwork or decal can be placed on the wall directly opposite the point of entry into the baby's room to make it immediately eye-catching. Here is an example of a Lion King Theme decal in my baby's nursery:

Tip #3 ~ Make a Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are a traditional way of interior decoration. When done correctly, they fill the room with personality and character. Place family pictures on the nursery's wall to familiarize the baby with the persons on the gallery wall. Another idea is to hang the pictures high and wide with a large picture of the mother at the center so that it can be a visual magnet especially for the baby.The baby will try to figure out the images, thus helping stimulate the his or her brain.

Tip #4 ~ Place A Baby Name Sign on the Nursery Wall

A bold, large, colorful sticker spelling out the baby’s name can also capture the attention of anyone who enters the room. This name sign can be helpful when the baby begins to learn how to read and write.

Another decorative item that will be helpful to the baby is a book display. A book display

contains various books, be it story books or coloring books, that will be important to the baby

growing up. A well-organized book display gives a cozy and sophisticated vibe. A large map is

also used to fill up wall space.

Tip #5 ~ A Touch of Nature

A touch of nature is always appreciated in interior design. Nature can be incorporated into the nursery using plants and flowers. You can use one large plant that stands out or a couple of carefully organized plants to make a statement. Moreover, you can use macrame hangings with plants. However, do not place the plants directly above baby's crib to avoid accidents. Play with mirrors too since they bounce off light from the window to the rest if the room.

Tip #6 ~ Put Up A Shelf on A Blank Wall

It is surprising the number of gifts a baby can get just a month after birth. Gifts, such as toys, when in stored on shelves present an array of colors striking to the eye. Baby essentials, such as diapers, wipes, and lotions, can be placed on the shelves too.

Tip #7~ Hang Wreaths

Wreathes less than 5 pounds can be hung on a wall without damaging them. Use adhesive to hang wreathes. Use caution when hanging wreaths to avoid making them overbearing. A good example is a wreath with the baby's name written in the centre.


If you are feeling lost with the creativity, start by creating a mood board to see the whole design come together. A mood board helps plan and visualize the whole nursery before you begin shopping or doing DIYs. As important as decorations are, parents should take safety precautions while setting up these decorative items. Avoid putting anything above or within arm’s reach of the crib. Remember your baby needs a stress-free, comfortable, and stimulating environment for growth.

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